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Psychotherapy is a partnership and collaboration between a professional therapist and a person seeking change. The person seeking change, often desires a deeper understanding of his or herself as well as changes in their present behavior. A psychologist is trained to help people understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviors and to facilitate personal growth. These growth changes can include increased self-awareness, perceptual shifts relating to life, self and others, new thought processes and the development of new approaches to life. Often this new perspective can result in deep, meaningful changes and personal peace. As life is viewed differently, a new perspective is adopted. The process of change has begun.

Research suggests that therapy effectively decreases an individual’s anxiety and depression and their related symptoms. Research also indicates that emotional and physical health are closely linked and that therapy can improve a person’s overall health status.

I am trained in depth psychotherapy as well as problem-focused therapy. I use a variety of specific types of therapy and therapeutic tools depending on each client’s needs and goals. There are  hundreds of different types of therapies available today. I am trained and experienced in four major types:  Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Control Mastery and Transpersonal Therapy. I use aspects of each depending on the needs of the client. Since psychotherapy is a partnership and collaboration, the client’s goals and desired outcomes are most important.

Each of us has within our being a natural tendency to grow emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually in a healthy, positive direction. This tendency can be derailed when we take on negative ideas about our self that we learned from others. Most often we are not even aware that we hold these old ideas. The growth process in psychotherapy is to question those ideas. What are they? Are they true? Are they working for us in our life? Through this awareness and questioning process, we can begin to reclaim our natural self-growth tendency. We can step back, acknowledge and accept them. With this acceptance there will be an opening up of new possibilities. We will get glimpses of our truest and deepest self. We begin to feel authentically alive. Inner transformation begins.

Heidi K. Minnick, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

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  “Though we seem to be sleeping,
there is an inner wakefulness
that directs the dream,
and that will eventually startle us back
to the truth of who we are."

— Rumi
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