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Relaxation CD
Access your body's
natural strengths

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Guided Relaxation
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Guided Heart
Awareness CD

Guided Heart Awareness CD
Learn to listen to your
innermost feelings.


I prepared this CD to guide you through a process that relaxes your entire body, and allows your body to access its natural strengths. It begins with quieting your body and practicing deep breathing. From there, the listener is slowly guided through relaxing each part of the body. The verbal description emphasizes how to release bodily tension and replace it with feelings of ease and well-being. The CD ends with a suggestion to sleep and rest. In 20 minutes, you can reduce your stress at work or help yourself fall asleep at night at home. There are three 20-minute tracks on the CD. The guided script is the same for all three tracks. The difference among the tracks is the background sounds. One has relaxing music. Another has the sound of the ocean. The third has voice only. You can try all three to see which one works best for you.

Guided Relaxation - voice only
Guided Relaxation - voice with waves
Guided Relaxation - voice with music



This Heart Awareness CD was created for those of us who find ourselves too often in our “heads” and less in our hearts. Most of us have difficulty finding a way to be still and listen to our innermost feelings. It can be challenging in this world to bring a level of “heart” to our experiences and life perspective. This CD guides you first through a brief, full body relaxation, and then focuses on the inner body and heart area. The actual guided heart awareness script is the same for all tracks, and includes a choice of background sounds: silence, waves and music. Additionally, a short list of affirmations is included on a separate track following each heart awareness reading. Listening to one selection, one to two times daily can begin to deepen your awareness of your heart. By listening to the CD for two weeks or so, you may begin to notice increased awareness of your body and inner heart area. This can help you begin to trust in your own wisdom and to acknowledge the deep intelligence that resides within.


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Guided Heart Awareness CD
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